When Is The Perfect Time To Travel?

            Most of us speak of free will like it’s inherent in all of us. Yet most of us live like the planets, predictable, and bound by laws. Only a few men live like meteorites that have one hell of a ride through space and time. Free will is taken for face value all too often, never examine in the extreme for the fear it might shed some light on a mundane existence. This particular kind of person often uses the phrase “one day I will…” or “Once I get the money saved things will change”. Sadly, that day generally never comes along with the money they tried to save. And so, they continue on with their lives, never stopping to question their own wanderlust.

                Maybe now is a good time to chastise the Athenian for caring too much about riches and honor while leaving no time for the truth, though Socrates may have already beat me to it. The utility of truth is the preeminence of happiness itself. And I can assure anyone that you will not find the truth in a hole carved out with nine hours of work five days a week. The truth is out there, in the streets of Paris, on the coast of Australia, and in the northern lights of the Nordic country. Your happiness requires this. It requires knowledge of the world, and the only way it’s achieved is by experiencing it, not living in it.

                The wolf never questions his rambling ways, he just follows his nose. Maybe now one will follow their heart, and leave their old life for a new one. Take a chance, and see if you land on your feet. Don’t wait for that perfect time, or else you will be waiting still, six feet under the ground. I will entertain the thought of perfection, in at least an abstract way. But I will not entertain the thought of a perfect plan, because I’ve never seen one. Though I’m sure some will claim that they have, just as many claim to see the hominid-like Yeti from time to time. A truer tale, and much more useful I believe, is the time I saw a fledgling after it was kicked out of its nest. I can only imagine that it never expected such a long fall. The virtue in the little bird came about when it took flight. I wonder how long it would have taken him to fly if he never left his little hole in the tree.

                So now, I invite you all to kick yourself out. Take the plunge and conquer the little time you’ve been given.



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